Are you an inspiring influencer looking for that feed-worthy photo to post on your social media platforms? Maybe you’re just a fan of aesthetic pictures? As Doha rapidly grows, so do the number of spots where you can take eye-catching photographs. We’re here to present to you our top 5 feed-worthy spots in Qatar! In no particular order.


1. 5/6 Park Murals

Feed-worthy spots


If you’re a fan of artwork, 5/6 park is the spot for you! You’ll find a bunch of paintings, murals and 3D artwork here. So you’ll be able to take photos of, and with, anything that suits you!

You can also soak in the gorgeous views of the skyline from the park itself.

There’s a decent amount of parking space available at the park. Al Qasser Metro station (Red line), is also just a short walk away.


2. Blue Signature Cafe

Feed-worthy spots in Qatar


You’ll feel anything but blue if you pay a visit to Blue Signature Café. The beautifully decorated coffee shop is covered with blue flowers, and there are swings for you to sit, or pose, on!

Make sure to also order one of the signature brews, which comes with a cake on top!
Open daily from 9am-midnight, Al Aziziyah (+974 3087 7774).


3. The Falcon, Hamad International Airport

Feed-worthy spots in Qatar


The “Falcon”, by Tom Classen, sits on a ledge at Hamad International Airport, exuding royalty with its gold finish.

Classen took inspiration from the soft falcon’s feathers. The more vivid lines mimic the airline’s routes from Qatar to the rest of the world along with the curves that can be found in Arabic calligraphy and the folds in the fabric of traditional attire.

So along with the infamous Teddy Bear found inside the airport, there’s now an option before you cross immigration as well!

4. Aspire Park

Feed-worthy spots in Qatar


Aspire Park  is the biggest park in Qatar, covering 88 hectares and is considered one of the biggest ones in the whole Arabian League.

Aspire Park is a favorite area for both locals and tourists. People love having picnics here, so during your visit, you’ll see a lot of people, especially on weekends. We advise you to go to Aspire Park in the evenings as the park looks much better at that time. There are many attractions for everyone of all ages. Furthermore, the only lake in Doha is also located in Aspire Park.


5. Box Park

Feed-worthy spots in Qatar


The Box Park is sure to tick the correct boxes when it comes to taking aesthetic, feed-worthy photos. Showcasing colorful shipping containers overlooking the sea, it’s located at the Old Port in Doha.

You can enjoy the amazing view of the skyline from the crates, have a stroll through stunning walkways by the marina and admire the breathtaking views here around sunset, perfect for you sunset lovers and photographers!

Facilities include: parking space, prayer rooms, seating areas and washrooms.


Article by: Karl Belga