Joshua’s Off To Texas!

If you’ve been following along with our Joshua series then you’ll be gladto hear that he has been adopted! If you haven’t read our past articles here, here and here ;  then here’s a full update!

Joshua, our favourite pup, was unfortunately left behind on the road after being hit back in May. The 5 month old was left with a severely broken back leg that had to be amputated. We’ve been working in conjunction with Brigit Marquerithe, the founder of VZW Rescue Salukis Middle East. All to raise enough money for Joshua.


We were proud to announce that Joshua was able to walk again. All thanks to the help of VZW and All and About’s raising awareness! The quick and efficient work of a non-profit institution called RSME and its volunteers made that happen. Without the help of many people who paused from their busy life and cared enough to donate, it would have never been possible.  for Joshua is still up and accepting any amount of charity for his recovery and future needs in his transfer to a permanent home. We were eager to make that dream come true- and we’re here to announce that it has!

Joshua has successfully been adopted and will be leaving Qatar soon to join his new family, who have previously adopted 2 of VZW’s RSME Rescue Dogs. Where is Joshua heading off to? The sunny Texas is where he’ll be setting up! We’re very excited about this happy end to Joshua’s story, and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support!


Thank you for every single donation, no matter how little or small, it played a huge role in saving Joshua’s life! 

By: Noha Abuhadra

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