Qatar made me who I am today – a hardworking, self-made, adventurous, happy person.
Coming from Lebanon, a very beautiful country but with few to no basic human rights like electricity, water, safety, or even the opportunity to live a good life, Doha has been my first ‘home’ for the past 12 years. I have found MY PLACE.

This situation has taught me how to value things. When you know the value of things, and how blessed you are, it automatically teaches you how to be a better person, discipline, how to love yourself, and learn how to become a better person every day.

The best value that I learned is to be REAL with yourself and others.
I learned how to love myself with all my flaws and mistakes, learned how to fight for my values, and how to stay humble in a world where most of the things we see around us are materialistic, shallow, and fake.
Finally, the most important one – an exceptional way to learn to LOVE is by loving animals, especially dogs!

I’m Jennifer and those are my babies, Ginger – the chihuahua, and Leo the golden retriever/corgi. If you see us on the street please say hello. Cheers!