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Qatar National Day is coming up next week on December 18th, 2018 and the country is gearing up with various events and activities around the country this day. While we all enjoy our day off at home, events are kicking off and there’s plenty for you and your family to enjoy this National Day. Here are couple of our must-see’s this holiday. Check them out and see which one’s you’d like to attend.

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The Corniche is the key platform for the main attractions for Qatar National Day. This is not only the best place to view the Doha Skyline but this waterfront promenade hosts The National Parade which is the highlight of Qatar National Day. This parade showcases a variety of people ranging from the military to local residents. Residents and expats are advised to be at the Corniche three to four hours before the start of the parade.

A must see event are the spectacular fireworks display that you can see off the corniche, with West Bay serving as the perfect backdrop. These fireworks light up the sky every year around 8 pm. Be sure to get there early to grab a good viewing spot!

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Katara Cultural Village has lined up nine days of festivities for the public starting from December 11th to the 19th from 4 pm to 11 pm in celebration of Qatar National Day. The events range to over 45 happenings around the area and include fireworks, opera, a drone show, parachuting and other fun-filled and enjoyable activities. A key highlight of the celebrations is an opera titled “Citizens and expats- we are one,” which will go live on stage on December 17 and December 19. There will be two shows on both days at 7pm and 9pm. Thrilling sites both on land and in air as 500 drones will take on the sky for the most illuminating event on December 17 and 19.

Check out their calendar for a detailed list of the celebrations.

Darb Al Saai is a great annual public attraction where various companies and organizations set up their booths and host people of the community. This fully packed event serves multiple activities for children and a line of food, education and activity booths for the whole family. These will include horse rides from Al Shaqab, camel rides and a network of around 26 restaurants and kiosks, and so much more.

Aspire Zone is hosting a week long celebratory event from December 13th to the 18th starting at 4 pm every day. These activities include local film screenings, art celebrations by the Doha Fire Station, a military parade, a sword dance, activities for kids and air and parachute shows. Check out their schedule below.

Qatar National Library is hosting a range of literary and educational events throughout December tied in with the theme of Qatar National Day. These include talks about Qatar’s past and present in their ‘Qatar is Old and Modern’ event; hosting brilliant and scientific minds from Qatar in ‘Qatar’s Pride.’ Their main highlight is a local poetry, ‘For the Love of Qatar,’ event featuring distinguished Qatari poets on December 15th. Check out this link for more events at the library.


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