Mandela’s Grandson Attends South African Heritage Day in Doha

 Mandla Mandela, the grandson of the late global unity and freedom icon Nelson Mandela, urged his compatriots in Qatar to be leaders in humanity, peace, and justice.

Speaking before hundreds of South Africans as guest of honour at the celebration of South African Heritage Day Ubuntu Bash yesterday, Chief Mandla related his “life and experience I had sitting at the feet of my grandfather and having to watch him as a global icon to the world and I was privileged to call him my grandfather.”

Mandela South African heritage day

Source: Peninsula Qatar

“As South Africans we are to be leaders in humanity, peace and justice. These are the beliefs my grandfather represented and stood for and the onus is on us,” he said.

“He may no longer be with us but the baton is in your hands. It is in yourselves and the younger generation to pick up where Madiba left off and continue charging forward in making South Africa proud. Unite our nation. Join hands to make his ideals be a reality. let us build a better world and champion a better future for the next generation,” he stressed.

He said he was honoured to be with his compatriots in Qatar “almost 10,000km away from home only to discover I’m home away from home to see so many South Africans gathered here.”

“I hope that as you live your days here in Qatar looking forward to see 2022 and hosting wonderful World Cup you will indeed fly the South African flag because Madiba would love only that,” he said.

Welcoming the hundreds of attendees including a number of ambassadors, South African Ambassador Faizel Moosa said South African Heritage Day is a very important day  in which South Africans unite as they celebrate the cause of Nelson Mandela.

Celebrated to recognise the cultural wealth of the South African nation, the event saw dozens of stalls selling authentic South African delicacies and handicraft.

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Source: Peninsula Qatar


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