Safwa’s locally grown produce comes from a Qatari family farm.

With a vision to propel Qatar to the top in the agriculture industry, Safwa, a local agricultural business that sells home-grown produce which is sustainably farmed.

Wahat Al-Shafalahia, a Qatari family farm, was established by the Alfardan Family in 1975. Passed down through the generations, the farm has become the center of modern agriculture which is catering to the local communities over the years.

Mr. Fardan Fahad Alfardan, General Manager, said “At Safwa, we look at sustainability as a natural part of what we offer. The highest quality fresh produce is best grown through sustainable means. Safwa’s modern technology optimizes and scales up the process but the core concept remains the same – fresh produce from our family farm to your family table. We view this as our social responsibility towards Qatar and its people, and we are proud to be in a position where we can help the community with healthier options while doing so in a sustainable manner.”

Safwa’s products are available in all major supermarkets in addition to the option of ordering directly through Safwa’s website or download the mobile application. Freshly harvested products will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep on the same day.