All & About Cook & Taste at the Lexus Showroom with Nobu

Get ready for the most spectacular cooking event of the season. ‘Cook & Taste’ at the Lexus Showroom with the renowned Nobu Qatar. All & About is hosting this exclusive event on behalf of Lexus. Learn the tips and tricks of the food and beverage trade from five of Nobu’s culinary best. Be behind the kitchen door and see the magic happen before it is artistically placed upon your plate.

This exciting event will encompass everything your taste buds could hope for. Learn the recipes, perfect the dimensions of your sushi roll, ask questions and be answered at this exclusive event.

The exclusive event is free of charge and is invitation only. However, the public will have ample opportunity to participate on All & About’ s Facebook and Instagram platforms and win a spot. Keep checking our online platforms on how you can win a coveted spot at this event.

Be sure to try your luck!



Date: March 30th, 2019

Time: 1:30pm-3pm

Location: Lexus Showroom


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