“My name is Yaryna, and I’m a personal fitness trainer.
I came from a small village in central Ukraine.

Honestly, I didn’t study personal training or fitness until I’ve come to Qatar and I can tell you more, in the school, my PE teacher used to take me to a lot of sporting competitions. Ever since that time, I ended up hating all kind of sport and fitness.

But as we say in Ukraine: Never say “Gop“ until you jump over it.

So I’ve come to Qatar and worked in the hospitality field for a while, but after 1 year, I found myself being interested in doing a personal trainer course. At that time, it was financially hard for me to study, but I managed to complete the course.

I managed to get my certificate and searched for a job at a reputable gym. I was thinking that I’ll be working there and only there.

So I started working in a gym, but I soon came to understand that I can do well on my own and after a long 2 years of a hard work, I now have my own company. Yes, it’s still small and still in the development stage, but I believe that MO MATTER how hard things get, you always have to aim for MORE!”


-Yaryna Odyniuk (Ukraine)