“I still remember the moment when I got off the plane. I was instantly hit by a blast of hot air. It was around 40 degrees and the wind was blowing heavily. It was July 2017 – the warmest month in Qatar. I had arrived from Russia. Doha and Moscow experience decisively different climates.
I’ve been living in Doha for 3 incredible years now. I didn’t know a lot about the country, until I met my husband. He is an expatriate, a resident of Qatar since many years. Moving away from home to a foreign land brought me a multitude of new feelings and emotions. I was so excited about the new environment, but also sad to say goodbye to my friends and family. Making friends as an adult is hard as it is, and making friends abroad is even harder. However, I took advantage of social media and luckily today I know many people in Doha; people of different ages and nationalities. Relocating abroad does come with many challenges, but we should appreciate the opportunity to experience a new country, culture and lifestyle.”