“Moving to a different country was always on the table for us & being two teachers, this made the move even more possible. We had been married just a few weeks before packing up our lives and moving from Alberta, Canada to Doha, Qatar, after both receiving teaching jobs there. 


We remember flying into Doha mid-July & being hit with “feels like 57 C” – heat like that, it just hits differently… especially coming from Canada.. we get stretches of -40 C (or even colder with the windchill). 


Doha has become home for us. It has given us lifelong friends, endless memories & such rewarding teaching experiences. This will be third year in Qatar & we keep being called back to Doha. We love the lifestyle, the diversity, the culture, the people. & we feel so grateful that we can work within the profession we love & have so much travel accessible to us. 


We are looking forward to a few more years in Doha, to see the ways in which the city comes to life with the World Cup & to keep making a difference in the lives of our students & having them make a difference in ours.”


-Keith and Kelsey Marshall (Canada)