“I am from the Belarusian Wonderland located in the heart of Europe. I have always been a girl who’s in love with life and its beauty. I’ve always been fascinated by history and culture at a young age and it inspired me to seek out other cultures as well. That’s how I started my career in tourism.

Meanwhile, the desire to see more of the world was getting stronger every day. As a result, I sought out a new adventure which led me to travel to Doha in 2018.

Qatar Airways opened up a whole new world of intercultural communication and expanding worldview for me. I gained invaluable experience and learnt a lot the about aviation industry where I worked for 2 years. To me, Qatar Airways is the best airline with the best service, where travelling in the sky is becoming more and more comfortable.

Nowadays, I am working as a Travel Coordinator, inspiring creativity and bringing joy to people.
Travel gives us our greatest stories and I am glad to be able to help create memories for others which will last them a lifetime.

Today, the world is facing an unprecedented situation and I am ready to make your journey safe and comfortable. Don’t postpone your next trip!

Travel far enough to meet yourself. Are you ready?
Next destination is happiness! 😉

All the love to the world!”


-Alesia Shapaval