“My name is Ahmad, and I’m a civil engineer, sports addict and expert in martial arts, with a long and great sports record. I moved to Doha back in 2010 and I fell in love with Doha ever since. This city has given me all that I was looking for. Today I cannot consider Qatar anything less than home! It’s the place where I want to be and raise my family.

My enthusiasm for martial arts was the first motive to found DKB (Doha Kickboxing), which is known as @dkbqatar on all social media platforms.

It is my duty and daily motivation as well to serve this place and to make it an achievement everyone can be proud of.

Therefore, at DKB, we work on raising a healthy, strong, and sportive generation, where we improve kids’ characters by teaching them self-discipline, respect, awareness, and boosting their confidence.

We are also working on building up athletes to compete internationally and represents Qatar in all the global competitions. This is also applicable for adults where this sport helps reduce their daily stress and direct their energy in a physical way that is beneficial.

Martial arts is a complete workout. You build stamina, strength, and flexibility. You also develop coordination and balance. You feel better physically as your body becomes stronger and more capable. You breathe better, and blood flows to all the necessary parts of the body more freely. Martial arts is a fun way to stay in shape.

Join us in our journey and become a member of our DKB family!!!”

– Ahmed Charaf Eddine (Lebanon) @amdched 🇱🇧