Qatar University (QU) has announced important directives and guidelines to ensure that students gradually return to study in the Fall 2020 semester, noting that the academic year will start on August 16.

This is in accordance with the State’s plans for the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in the country, QU has said in a statement, adding that there will be no changes in the 2020/2021 academic calendar. Dr Eiman Mustafawi, vicepresident for Student Affairs, explained the academic year would start on the specified date in line with the academic calendar.

The approved pattern of study will be distance education, without students attending classes on campus until the end of Phase 3 of the gradual lifting of restrictions.

The university will announce the details of further steps for the gradual transformation from distance learning to campus learning, which is expected to take place after the successful entry into Phase 4 on September 1.

The decision to allow studying on campus will be applied directly to all students, except some categories of students who are more susceptible to contracting the disease and its complications. Such exceptions will remain in effect until the State announces the possibility of their return and other related procedures.

In the current situation, Dr Mustafawi said: “Students need to be prepared to deal with the courses taught in any manner of learning, such as distance learning, learning in the usual way, or both according to the circumstances dictated and required by the public interest.” She also stressed her confidence in the keenness of university students to follow all guidelines and directives for the benefit of the university and all its affiliates.

Source : Gulf Times

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