HBKU Students Gain Insight Through Huawei Internships

A total of eight Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) students secured internship positions across a number of Huawei Qatar business units this summer, drawing on the co-operative bond between HBKU and Huawei Technologies.

Derived from the University’s four guiding pillars – Excellence, People, Innovation and Partners – HBKU casts a wide net of partnerships from across the industry sector to provide high-level professional development opportunities to its students.  Students from the College of Science and Engineering gained valuable insights into various operations, such as the enterprise division as well as the telecommunications section.

To respond to shifts in user behaviour, the Huawei division responsible for telecommunications serves as a partner to country-specific operators in Qatar by tailoring digital services and operational capabilities to fit the evolving user profile.

Abdulrahman ElKelani from College of Science and Engineering ( CSE) said, “During my internship, the seamless interplay that my colleagues and I witnessed between Huawei – an end-to-end provider of ICT products and solutions – and Qatar’s main telecommunications providers in the interest of public connectivity was extremely educational. In particular, we were truly astounded by the number of processes that go behind a small task that we perform everyday like phone calls and surfing the web on 4G. It was also amazing to witness the testing of the incredibly fast 5G technology.”


Source: HBKU

Hong Lijuan, HR director Huawei Qatar, said, “We were all impressed by the advanced level of tech proficiency exhibited by HBKU’s College of Science and Engineering students.
Furthermore, our divisions appreciated the input from HBKU’s diverse body of students who all shared a common ambition to learn from Huawei’s specialists and return to their fields of graduate education with the added leverage of real industry insights to complement their coursework.

“We look forward to hosting future cadres of interns from HBKU in coming days.”

HBKU’s CSE offers multidisciplinary programmes across a wide spectrum of fields and specialties. All of the college’s programmes focus on areas that have been identified as vital for national, regional, and international prosperity.

CSE works closely with national and international partners to drive groundbreaking research and benefit from mutual resources and expertise.

Its interactive exchange with Huawei in the area of capacity-building exercises and educational opportunities represents a common investment in the future of the tech sector, bringing about groundbreaking developments and effectively raising Qatar’s capacity for innovation, science, and technology.

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Source: Peninsula Qatar
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