Covid-19 is the subject of topical, colorful and attention-grabbing street art, whether it is for artistic, educational or political ends. Below is a round-up of some of the best street art.

A mural by street artist Lionel Stanhope on a bridge wall in Ladywell, south-east London.

A dog walks past a mural depicting a coronavirus cell.

A mural showing medical personnel wearing protective masks.

A jogger passes a mural with a message reading “Achoo Covid-19”

The Mona Lisa with a face mask

A mural depicting a healthcare worker by street artist CAZ

An artist paints a mural reading “By fighting the epidemic, we protect the human being and preserve the earth” in the southern Gaza Strip

Sixteen-year-old youth artist SF paints a mural about the Covid-19 crisis on a roof in Athens

East Java, Indonesia

A woman walks past a mural that invites people to fight against the Covid-19 in Surabaya.

Source : The Guardian 

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