Qatar National Library ( QNL) will host a variety of educational and entertainment activities this August to cater to children, young adults and music enthusiasts. QNL will also be hosting a Palestine Culture Week to raise awareness around the country’s traditions, culture, art and food.
In collaboration with Little Thinking Minds, the Children’s Library will host the Summer Reading Challenge from August 1 to encourage reading in children aged 9 to 11. Winners will be rewarded with books, coupons, certificates and more in September.
On August 2, QNL, in collaboration with the State Audit Bureau, will host a session on the bureau’s role in safeguarding public funds, state funds and the funds of all entities subject to its control in order to combat corruption.
On August 5, a musical evening will be taking place on Instagram Live featuring the United States Air Forces Central Band, who will perform popular music, from chart-topping tunes to golden rock-and-roll classics. A fixture of the United States Air Force’s partnership missions in Southwest Asia, the band promises audiences a unique and engaging experience aimed at exploring the cultures and traditions that define Qatar as part of the Qatar-USA Year of Culture 2021.
On August 7, QNL will kick off the second season of the Young Adults’ Virtual Summer Camp, a series of seven fun and engaging activities. The events will include the Young Adults’ Film Club, Basic Web Development for Young Adults, Young Adults’ Coding Club, Python Mathematics and Define Your Life Compass to help young adults plan their future and career goals. The camp is held in collaboration with the Qatar Career Development Centre.
QNL will also be hosting “Palestine Culture Week: A Land Worthy of Life” between August 8 and12 to explore the nation’s art, literature, food and more. The week will be filled with educational and engaging activities such as book readings, a video on Al Aqsa Mosque, and informational sessions on the history of the Palestinian keffiyeh, Palestinian archives and traditional embroidery.
On August 10, Eman Darwish, speech and language pathologist from Kuwait will deliver a lecture for parents and educators on “Stutters in Children.” The presentation will address ways to help children who have recently developed speech difficulties understand and overcome challenges. The lecture will also discuss stuttering conditions caused by fear.
On August 19, QNL will host the programme “Assistive Technologies for Reading” to help parents and educators select the appropriate assistive technology tools for their children.
On August 22, the United States Air Forces Central Band and the Music Affairs Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports will celebrate the Qatar-USA Year of Culture 2021. The band will perform a collection of musical pieces from several decades in an event called “Melodies From Past and Present.”
Source: Gulf Times