Qatar National Library opened its doors to the public with limited services in July, but for the safety of our patrons during at this current time, we continue to run more events than ever online on a wide range of stimulating subjects to stir the senses.

On August 10, “join us to learn about accessible apps for parents to support children with autism”, the statement notes.

These provide visual cues to aid communication and helping children learn numbers, colours, shapes and sizes. These apps can help kids to learn better identify objects and practise social exchanges. “Sign up on August 11 to our online introduction to AlNagda, one of the oldest Gulf heritage crafts.

Learn about the art of embroidering local fabrics and costumes with silver and golden wires to add a smooth artistic and aesthetic touch.

The workshop explains the concept of Al-Nagda and its history and important role in Gulf culture. It will show the tools and fabrics that were used in sewing it in the past, along with a presentation of drawings and types of AlNagda designs.

The workshop highlights how Al-Nagda is used in adding artistic touches to AlMalfaa (women’s headcovers) and Al-Bokhnoq (a sort of scarf that covers head, neck and shoulders, mostly used by young women).

The workshop will also answer questions about how the use of Al-Nagda has evolved recently and how this traditional craft has been affected by modernity. On August 12, the library will run a lecture titled ‘Preventive Measures to Preserve Arabic Manuscripts: Reality and Prospects’, held in collaboration with the National Laboratory for Manuscript and Parchment Preservation and Restoration in Tunisia.

The webinar includes three lectures by experts from the National Institute of Heritage in Tunisia, and is part of a series of events organised by the IFLA Regional Centre for Preservation and Conservation at the library.

On August 13, one can learn how the current pandemic has been a catalyst for change in library services around the world. Joining the programme will be librarians from Qatar, the Arab region, Europe, Southeast Asia and the US, as they share their experience with providing services during the pandemic, as well their perspectives on the future of library services.

Panellists include Dr Milena Dobreva from UCL-Qatar, Randa Chidiac from Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon and Alicia Yeo from Singapore National Library. On August 15, one can register for a workshop on the impact of Covid-19 on Sustainable Development Goals, the blueprint by the UN which aims to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The library will run a lecture on August 18 looking at the textual structure of Arabic manuscript, led by Mahmoud Zaki, the QNL manuscript librarian. This is the third of a series of lectures and talks providing readings of rare historical works from the Heritage Library’s collection of manuscripts.

Source : Gulf Times

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