The Theater Affairs Centre at the Ministry of Culture and Sports is producing video episodes of its new program ‘Make your puppet at your home’.

Children can learn how to make puppets and dolls from simple materials mostly available at home. The first episode was telecast on Tuesday on Doha 360 platform, the website of the Centre, and YouTube.

A total of 12 weekly episodes are planned every Tuesday at 12noon. Children can also send short videos of the puppets they have made. In return, they will get a friend ticket, which is a lifetime pass to puppet shows, in addition to other gifts.

Artist Salah al-Mulla, director of the Theater Affairs Centre, pointed out that the program was launched due to the current circumstances and to maintain the health and safety of all while entertaining children and encouraging them to use their time productively.

The center is also keen to maintain constant interaction with children through the social media to know their ideas and opinions and eventually improve its shows.

Source : Gulf Times

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