Cultural Village Foundation – Katara held virtual exhibition ‘Heritage’ to document an important aspects of Qatari heritage. The expo will continue until the end of December 2020.

The exhibition includes 12 artworks by Qatari artist Hassan Bu Jassoum, some of which were painted by Bu Jassoum during his home quarantine.

The artworks reflect the artist’s vision and artistic style through which he invokes the Qatari heritage and memories that are still exist in his memory since childhood.

Bu Jassoum praised the virtual exhibitions organised by Katara on its social media platforms, as they contribute to reviving the fine art in Qatar and showcasing the artworks of artists.

They also contribute to exploiting free time during by the Coronavirus pandemic which made convening real exhibitions a difficult task, he said, hoping that this technology will continue in the future as an integral part of real exhibitions.

Katara presents the exhibition to document the inveterate patrimony and to revive the past that still exists in the memories and to retrieve this remembrance through paintings to be a witness of that important part of history.

Source : Gulf Times

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