All of Nis Halim’s paintings on the All & About Art Store are from her Summer Escape Series 2020. These works were painted during the Summer of 2020 when the world was under travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s her story on how one of her favorite paintings from her collection, ‘Summer Road’, came about:

Sunny Road| 30082020; Gouache & Acrylics Marker on mixed media paper; Size: A3

“By far, this is the most complicated piece I’ve made on the series. It took me the longest time to finish but later on turned out to be my most favourite piece!

It reminds me of the hurdles we all went through in life (or this pandemic rather), and yet, we managed to pull through. I like the interpretation I received about this painting from an art observer: “It feels like looking out through so many windows”. No matter how you see it, this piece only beams positivity. I hope it makes you happy! 💛”

-Nis Halim, All & About’s Artist of the Month for October


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