When was the last time you felt that you had to do something different in life?

Would you take the risk, even if it would involve your family?

Evgeniya felt the need to try something different after years of being a stay-at-home mom. Yet, she knew it would not be simple.

“I understood that I need to do something different, something new, which allowed me to do what I like and yet continue to support my kids. I always like the unusual – interior design, fashion, etc. I knew somewhere deep down, I have always been an abstract artist. It was just waiting for the right time.”

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Evgeniya had a career in business analytics. She was born and raised in Kazakhstan (USSR) and got her degree in Russia (Siberia).

It was also in Russia where she met her husband and had her first child. Then, in 2009, Evgeniya and her family of 3 moved to Australia, following a job offer for her husband. Unknown to Evgeniya at that time, their move to Australia would also inspire her to become the artist we know today.

“Since we moved to Australia, I became a stay-at-home mom for my one-year-old son, while my husband spent 9 out of 12 months working offshore. It was an amazing time in a new country for us. We met new friends who became a family for us. Together, we explored this amazing country with breathtaking views and beautiful beaches.

The immense oceans and beautiful nature awakened the abstract artist inside me. There, I realized I wanted to pursue my career in this field.”

In 2020, Evgeniya’s husband received a job offer in Qatar, prompting her family – now 5, including her daughter and their family dog – to move before Qatar’s total lockdown in response to the pandemic.

“It was a difficult time as we moved to Qatar 10 days before total lockdown. It took a long time to settle with a studio and have all my materials to start creating again.  Then, it was another big step to display my artwork as everything is still new for us here. Meanwhile, I continue to do what I love – creating something that gives you freedom. “

Evgeniya continued to paint during the lockdown. You can view and purchase the artworks she created during this period at art.allandabout.com.

Although new in Qatar, Evgeniya’s art has already been featured in the Qatar International Art Festival last October 24-28 at Katara Cultural Village.

From her past five years of being an artist, Evgeniya sees her art as freedom.

“I believe that being an artist is something one is born to do and not learned at school. It gives me encouragement and freedom to create from my heart.

What attracts me to abstract art is constantly learning through trial and error. It makes you step out of a comfort zone, embrace freedom and be in control.

The beauty of abstract art is that every piece is unique – there is no right or wrong.”

When asked about her art inspirations, she mentions her clients over the years.

“My biggest inspirations are my clients. As a self-taught artist, I still pinch myself sometimes that people are buying my art. I remind myself that all those who buy my art are also people making memories. I truly believe that arts can make any house feel like home.”

In the future, Evgeniya hopes to collaborate with more people here in Qatar.

“I would love to make some collaboration with local businesses because the artwork is not just a painting on a wall – it’s something much, much bigger.”

Follow Evgeniya Aleshina on her Instagram account, @zerogravitydesign.

Shop Evgeniya’s Artworks this November at https://art.allandabout.com/