15 Things to Do in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is a magical city. It’s a city that has the power to put a spell on you and make you want to return again and again.

Why? Because it’s a land rich in culture and history, vibrant, with great food and amazing people. Did I convince you? If not, I will if you continue reading this article, trust me.

Let’s explore together the second largest city of Greece, which is located on the Thermaic Gulf. These are the things you need to do in order to get a taste of what the place has to offer! Thessaloniki is walkable at its biggest part, so be prepared for many strollings around.

Photo Credit: Maria Petropoulou

  1. Aristotelous square is the most central square of the city and maybe the most vibrant as well. While you are there, pay attention to Olympion, a landmark of cultural interest and the most important venue of the annual Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

  2. The White Tower is definitely the most famous site of Greece’s second city and you can see it by walking down the seaside road, Nikis street. It was used for the city’s fortification and now it serves as a museum.

  3. If you continue walking by the seaside road, you will come across the ‘Ompreles’ piece of art that overlooks the sea. It’s created by the Greek artist Georgios Zogolopoulos and it’s really beautiful.

  4. For your cultural sightseeing, you have to visit Agios Dimitrios (Saint Dimitrios) church with its crypt.

  5. Also, Kamara, Galerius Arch and Rorunda are two more significant sites of the city.

    Photo Credit: Maria Petropoulou

  6. For traditional vibes and a scent of the old era, don’t miss a wandering around Kapani and Modiano markets. They will time-travel you.

  7. Moreover, Louloudadika (which means flower place in Greek) is a very picturesque neighborhood, with various cafes and restaurants. Most people know it as the Yahudi Hamam (the Ottoman baths) district.

  8. The nightlife pulse now beats at Ladadika (which means ‘oil’ in Greek as the area used to be full of olive oil shops). Walk around the paved alleys, enjoy the vivid atmosphere and taste the delightful cuisine.

  9. If you need to spend some time shopping, the main shopping streets are Tsimiski and Aristorelous.

    Photo Credit: Maria Petropoulou

  10. At the end of the seaside road you will find ‘Apothikes’- that’s how locals call the end of the marina. It’s a cute and relaxing place, it hosts many film festival venues and in case you want to drink or eat something with a nice view, ‘Kitchen Bar’ is situated there for this purpose.

  11. Upper Town is one of my favorite areas in Greece’s northern city, as it brings an old era vibe, a sense of nostalgia… You will also see the walls of Thessaloniki, the Eptapyrgio or Yedi Koule (its Ottoman name). Upper Town offers unbeatable views!

    Photo Credit: Maria Petropoulou

  12. Get ready for a few food stories now! In Thessaloniki, you have to try ‘bougatsa’, the local pastry pie, served either sweet or savory, that only locals know how to make it properly! One of the best ‘bougatsa’ can be found in ‘Yannis’ place at Mitropoleos street.

  13. You also need to try ‘trigona’, the specialty that consists of layers of phyllo filled with cream and folded into triangles. For some of the best visit ‘Elenidis’ at Dimitriou Gounari street or ‘Agapitos’ (Pavlou Mela 6). Oh, ‘tsoureki’ as well, the popular sweet yeast bread. ‘Terkenlis’ (at many locations around the city) offers this delicacy either plain or filled with chocolate and chestnut.

  14. Two of my favorite cafes around the city are the ‘Diatiriteo’ and ‘Enohes’. Retro style and nice atmosphere!

  15. Lastly, for great food I strongly suggest you visit ‘Aficionados’ restaurant, ‘Duck’, a restaurant with an open kitchen and the Rooftop at Electra Palace.

    Photo Credit: Maria Petropoulou

You will fall in love with Thessaloniki! People are so hospitable; the cuisine is excellent and it has something for everyone. Enjoy your stay there!


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By: Maria Petropoulou 

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