Lexus AAB Collaborates with Grazia Magazine to Introduce the UX

AAB Lexus partnered up with Grazia Magazine to host the first female event in the Lexus lounge revolving around the concept of women influence and the launch of the brand new Lexus UX which is engineered by a woman for women.

Lexus allocated five premium vehicles to pick up the Grazia guests and personally transport them to the new Lexus showroom in style & luxury.

Upon arrival to the showroom the guests were astonished with the beauty of the showroom and its Japanese ambience. The sophisticated tranquil environment where they felt at ease was even more amazing with plenty of Lexus vehicles to look at. Grazia members felt the Purity, Quality, Omotenashi hospitality and Takumi craftsmanship. They were indulged with the emotional texture and Japanese ambience.

The interior showroom decor uses the highest of quality furniture to merge with the luxurious image of the Lexus DNA. Highly visible was the spindle grill elements across the showroom which is considered the main design feature of any Lexus on the road today.

The event commenced in the Lexus lounge located on the first floor with Mr. Firas Mufti AAB Senior Marketing Manager welcoming the Grazia members and informing them about the uniqueness of the showroom. The members were then briefed by the Grazia editor in chief about the new Lexus UX and how it appealed to their lifestyle.

Members also discussed different issues including their daily activities & culture. The attendees were from various backgrounds such as local influencers, lawyers, artists, factionists, bloggers & even a female rally driver



Lexus UX

The UX name is derived from the guiding concept of the vehicle’s design team and describes the vehicle’s mission as Urban + X-over (crossover), the all-new model is engineered to deliver a quick and engaging driving experience with a Lexus-smooth demeanor, making it a unique entry in the luxury compact crossover segment.

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