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What if it is possible to have more energy, joy, vitality, will for life and a better moods? To regulate digestion, blood pressure, to have stronger immunity, hair, nails, clearer thoughts and insights, better concentration, higher productivity and cognitive ability. Finally, to feel light and alive.

Food is Fuel

Is all our food meant to be the fuel? Yes, food is the energy source for our bodies. In order for our cells to use any food as fuel, the food must first be transformed into sugar.

Glucose (free sugar) is the primary and best source of this fuel for every tissue and cell of our body. Some of our cells such as brain cells, red blood cells and some nervous tissues depend almost exclusively on glucose as their main source of fuel.

There are two forms of sugar: refined sugar that is separated from fruits, grains, sugar cane (‘bad sugars’) and others from whole foods (primarily sweet fruits which is called ‘fructose’) which are more natural forms of ‘good sugars’.

The problem with refined foods is that they contain ‘empty calories’ which means such foods are deprived of their nutritional value and act more as stimulants. Stimulation through food that lack nutrients can accelerate ageing. Our bodies can use natural sugars such as fructose more effectively whilst using the nutritional value of the food source such sugar comes from. The only sugar our body can use is from the whole foods that we have.

We Are Supposed To Eat Fruit & Vegetables

If you have a parrot or any other pet, will you change their natural diet every time you relocate? This shows us that we need to respect the unique needs for nutrition of each species depending on their specific digestive physiology.

Our regular desire for a sweet taste is a signal from nature instructing us to eat enough fruit to provide simple carbs that give fuel to all cells in our body.

The optimum source of fuel for humans is soft, water-soluble fibers in whole foods that allow the sugar from them to absorb slowly and gradually, so that high level of blood sugar is not a problem (as long as the diet is low in fat). Sugar in fruits are simple in structure and provides an excellent food source for before, during and after any physical exertion.

Many people are now switching to focus on more plant based diets because fruit and vegetables should be the least toxic food source. Due to their molecular structure fruits and vegetables can be simply digested (vegetables contain generally 90-96% water while for fruit normal water content is between 80 and 90%); leaving just water as a residue and in this form it can be easily removed from the body.

Fruit and vegetables contain all basic nutrients and are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and carbs. They also provide fat and proteins in small, but appropriate amounts. As fruit ripens, it becomes a prepared meal for us by itself and in most cases different nutritional value is derived depending on the stage of ripeness.


What Are The Benefits Of Eating The Sugar That The Nature Has Given Us?

Have you noticed that many fruits look like a human body organ? For example, citrus fruits resemble breasts and they facilitate the movement of lymph in and out of the breasts. They also have substances known as limuloids, that scientists believe inhibit the development of breast cancer. This is surely nature’s way of indicating which body parts can benefit from certain foods (Carrot – Eyes, Celery – Bone, Avocados – Uterus, Tomato – Heart).

It’s pretty much impossible to overeat when it comes to living food because they are full of nutrients and the body knows when it is topped up on nutrients (a hormone called leptin is released that tells your brain your stomach is full, a hormone which refined sugars suppress). Even if you have a sweet tooth, there are many recipes for sweets, cakes and ice-creams that contain natural sugars that are so simple to make without special equipment.

Focusing more on a plant based diet will leaving you feeling light and energetic. It feels great to sleep less (but better) and have extra hours in your day to do the things you love while just feeling awesome. By eating living (fresh) food with good sources of sugars, fats and carbohydrates, you are putting less pressure on your digestive system and it rewards you with energy! This lifestyle is all about getting back to basics, decluttering, simplifying and returning to what is the most natural.

By Milica Vujic

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