Summer Skin Care


Skin care is as important as taking care of your health in terms of maintaining a healthy weight and working out. We often ignore skin care and hide the symptoms of a bad skin with makeup. Not anymore. It’s time to face our skin demons head on and win!

With these simple tips to incorporate in your every day routine, you will see visible changes in your skin.

  1. The 2 Glass rule:

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Every morning, drink two tall glasses of water. Just make this a part of your routine following your oral hygiene. This sudden rush of refreshment will awaken your whole body and kick start your day. Do not eat anything for at least half an hour after this. Let your body acknowledge the goodness first.

2. SPF Incognito:

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The most common reason why most of us avoid using sunscreen is because we hate the grey finish it leaves on our face, followed by the stickiness. Instead of using the sunscreen alone, use it with your face cream, in equal parts. Mix well and apply on your face and neck. Let it dry before you apply the rest of your makeup. This will prevent the grey look and stickiness.

3. Lip care:

Everyone almost always neglects their lips until it is chapped. Sometimes just a regular lip balm is not enough. The sun can affect your lips too. Find a lip balm with SPF in it. Nourish and protect.

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4. Under eye care


The first signs of aging are seen near the eyes, mainly because we always forget that the skin under the eye is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. Use an eye cream every night. You can even use Vitamin E oil instead. The aim is to nourish the skin under your eyes. It will be worth it. In 5 years of time, you will thank yourself for this extra step.

5. Vampire mode ON:


The sun is great for your skin only when it is an hour or two after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset. The sun at its peak does more damage than good. Shield yourself from the sun if you are out mid-day. Use a scarf, cap, wear full sleeves and pants. Do whatever it takes to make sure minimal skin is exposed to the sun. Also use sunscreen on the parts that face the sun regularly.

Skin care is more or less a habit. Only then will you see changes that last. Start small and add more steps as you progress with consistency.

Let us know in the comments below what your biggest skin concerns are in summer.

By Adithya Nair

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