Behind the Scenes | ‘Graffiti Glam’ Acrylic Nail Art

Cover tech Lisa Boone (@laboonedoesnails) has had a rich nail career that spans decades. She owned one of the first nails-only salons in the Chicago area, traveled the world as a hand model for Tom Holcomb, and mentored under Alisha Rimando. “I love the nail industry and feel so blessed to have worked with some of its most amazing and truly talented artists,” says Boone. For the past six years she has been educating for Artistic Nail Design, the brand that is known for its edgy style. Her take on graffiti nails exemplifies her artistic ability and many years of industry experience.

Here’s Boone’s steps for how to get this month’s cover look:

1. Use Artistic Nail Design’s Rock Hard acrylic liquid and clear powder to sculpt a tapered square nail.

2. Apply two coats of Artistic Colour Gloss gel-polish in Bride to the finished nail, curing for 30 seconds in Artistic Nail Design’s Pro 36 LED lamp.

3. Outline the geometric design with a liner brush and black gel paint. Cure in LED lamp.

4. Using a wide variety of Artistic Nail Design’s Colour Gloss colors, fill and shade the design. Flash cure when needed. After fully curing, apply a layer of Artistic Nail Design Correction Gel for depth. Coat with Artistic Nail Design Glossing Gel and cure for the final look.


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