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Beauty is woven throughout our daily living with subtle displays that evoke pleasure within the viewer. It’s observed in a multitude of aspects; by shape, form, color, textures, scents and charisma. We witness and experience this beauty with our many senses.

They say it’s in the simplest things in our lives which hold this unspoken beauty. And it’s often unnoticed by our consciousness. But I say it’s also in the more sophisticated elements that enhance and reveal our attractiveness, and these elements are borne out by applying additional methods to develop the natural beauty that lies within.

Beauty is seen in God’s creation and also in deliberate man-made contributions. It has a crafted artistic manifestation that is unique, and can take the individual into a personal or private appreciation, thus the saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

We need to appreciate the way we look; the way we were created. Each of us is special. Each of us is beautiful. Today women and men are running towards plastic surgery, some enhancing but others causing irreversible damage!

Tell me – what’s actually wrong with the way you look? Do you imagine that you were a gorgeous person in your teens, or at least, a more attractive person? Then maybe you are just busy at work, got married and neglected yourself, you gained a little weight, or didn’t have enough money to maintain yourself to the superficial standards society constantly defines as beautiful? We need to stop fooling ourselves. Let’s love and nurture what we have already been blessed with. The cosmetic surgery industry is saturating us with aesthetic body procedures but there’s no shop for the real deal; the beauty that we already have, and the beauty that lies within.

As a society, we need to develop, enhance, and display to promote the appreciation of natural way we are. Why? Because it’s real!

Did you ever think it’s true when your mother said: you have a cute nose, or beautiful eyes, glowing skin, lovely long hair, or those high cheek bones! Why would you want to change anything?

I’m not against anyone for choosing to undertake a minor procedure, I just question is it really necessary? If so, I’m happy for you. But if you haven’t made your mind up yet, there is nothing wrong to re-evaluate how you actually look and how you can enhance the beauty you already have. Perhaps all you need is to take care of yourself more, It could be hair removal, facials & facial peels, frequent massages in the various beauty salons, beauty clinics, exercise at the many gyms available to shed those pesky fats, a make-up and colour assessment, or is it just buying the right and appropriate clothing for your body shape.

As the premier image consultancy, we are here to guide you rediscover your beauty inside and out. Beauty is not just all around us, it starts from within us. We say “love yourself first, then others will follow”

Written By Janet Kabuthi

Janet is an Image consultant and owner of JK Fashion Indulgence. The brand is about effortless presentation of appearances in apparel and beauty of an individual working with a dedicated team to ensure all information offered is inspirational in a way of creating the perfect visual of oneself. JKF Indulgence personally designs limited edition fashion garments but mainly works with what you already have in your wardrobe. Its goal is to make you stylish, individualistic, and timeless         

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