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One of the many disadvantages of growing up includes missing out on your favorite cartoon shows and movies. While some of us secretly do re-runs on Youtube and others have moved to manga, a bunch of us keep our eyes out for Disney Animated movies! Time to pick up our nephews and nieces and run to the theatre because nobody is more excited about the movie than the child inside us.

We have a few favorites for you to check out if you have missed them at all.

  1. Wall-E

Who knew you could fall in love with a machine, let alone, cry for it? Wall-E is so close to the heart of everyone who watches it, for a good reason. Apart from spreading a very important message about taking care of the planet we live in, Wall-E also shows us how far love can take us. Look at his face! Please just go watch it and then we can all cry together.

  1. How To Train Your Dragon

Let’s face it! Each one of us wished to own some crazy fantasy animal as a pet at least once in our lives. How to train your Dragon will just make you jealous of all these people and their pet dragons, most of all, the lead who owns the most magnificent of them all, Toothless! The name does no justice to this deep black dragon but definitely gives away that it is friendly! This movie has a part 2 as well and should definitely be on your list.

  1. Frozen

Frozen quickly became popular for its fresh new concept. No more “Knight in shining armour” or falling in love with random strangers. Frozen is about friendships and family. The bond between sisters and the strength in having loyal friends. The famous quote by the snowman Olaf “Some people are worth melting for” will live forever. We are hoping for a Part 2.

  1. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo will always make it to our list of Top animated movies, even years later. This movie sure resulted in a spike in clown fish sales but apart from that, it sure made us look at fishes differently. The father son bond is so precious and beautifully painted in this movie that when Finding Dory released, it had us all on our toes. Which one of the two did you enjoy the most?

  1. Brave

Brave was indeed a great milestone for Disney. Looks like they are done with their fragile lady characters and these bold and beautiful girls are here to stay. Brave is the story of a princess who is set out to break stereotypes. For instance she saves her mother from remaining a bear forever. No more spoilers. This movie is a refreshing addition to the playlist.

  1. Moana

If you do a quick walk down the Disney movie memory lane, they sure had female characters that were badass but most of them had male counterparts to help them. Moana here has her bud too, The Rock himself! Yes, you read that right! How far will Moana go? Watch and find out!

  1. Ratatouille

“Anybody can Cook!” Well maybe not anybody, but this Rat sure can! We don’t even know what he was cooking in the movie, but we want it. Also this is probably the only time you will imagine a rat so close to your food. Jokes apart, Ratatouille pushes you to follow your dreams no matter how impossible they may seem. Have you watched it yet?

  1. Inside Out

We can officially confirm that there are tiny little people in our heads and they are responsible for absolutely everything we do(wrong). If only this were true. Inside out has brought each one of our emotions into a personality of its own. And what no one noticed is how Joy and Sadness worked together to save the day! Deep. Who knew there was so much to take away from the movie? We highly recommend you to watch it.

  1. Kung Fu Panda

Is Kung Fu Panda the reason behind the sudden popularity of pandas or is the panda popularity the reason for Kung Fu Panda’s continued success? Either way, we love Pandas and we love this Panda with his Kung Fu moves and friends. If only it was possible to eat so much and still be ready for war. The movie has later progressed to multiple sequels because of its popularity. Looks like a King Fu panda marathon is on the cards!

10. The Incredibles

The coolest family ever! The Incredibles! How we wish they kept making sequels for this. This movie was so popular when it released and it still is just as fun to watch. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this movie yet, go ahead and do it now!

The list of great animated movies is definitely longer than just 10. There is so much amazing content out there. Are you a fan of animated movies?

Written by Adithya Nair

Adithya is an Electronics engineering graduate who embarked on her artistic journey in her final year of college. From co-founding a handmade gifts company to being placed on the leader board of Zomato, she explores every facet of her life eagerly. She shares her paintings, poetry and blogs on her social media and is an artist in the making. Follow her on Instagram @artbyadithyanair.


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