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Events Calendar

Ramadan Sports Festival 2018

Ramadan Mubarak!   Ramadan has its special atmosphere everywhere, and Aspire is [...]

What Happens During Ramadan in Qatar

What really happens during Ramadan in Qatar and other Moslem countries? This [...]

Qatar Charity launches QR37m Ramadan campaign

DOHA: Qatar Charity (QC) has launched a campaign to implement Ramadan projects at [...]

Movies & Books

Why listening to books is good for you

Do you Tolstoy on the treadmill? Christie on the commute? Kipling in the kitchen? Humanity has a long [...]

Cinema Manners to Live By

Nowadays, going to the cinema is a kind of luxury you want to experience once in a while [...]

Black Panther Director to Make a Movie About the Women of Wakanda

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler just co-signed the movie of our dreams: At a panel during the Cannes Film [...]

Happy Hours

Craft Mocktails

Prep 50 MIN Total 2 HR 0 MIN Servings 24 Crowd pleasing, refreshing summer drinks! A non-alcoholic twist on [...]

Blueberry Rosemary Mocktail Spritzer

I’m all in for a cocktail with a healthy twist, which is [...]

5 Best Fish to Grill

Forget burgers and hot dogs! We try to maximize grilling season for [...]


The Perfect Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas? Use our guide for the [...]

Nightlife in Japan

Mystery only adds to the reputation of the Japanese nightlife; those who [...]

Where Is the Best Night Out in The World?

Where do you think you can have the ‘Best Night in the [...]