Summer Special | Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Summer is officially here. The sun is out longer than it needs to be. And the one thing that we all can unanimously agree to is, Ice cream is bae. The scorching heat definitely makes us reach for the cold and soothing ice cream experience but when you think of the calories (if you think of it at all) you know it cannot be a daily affair. Not until now.

Today we bring you a quick and easy but healthy, recipe for Ice-cream which may just make into your daily diet!


  1. 4 frozen and diced Bananas
  2. 5 cup of cold Almond milk/ any other milk
  3. Brown sugar/ honey/ any sweetener of your choice (Optional)
  4. 1 teaspoon of Vanilla essence.
  5. Cocoa powder/Nutella/Peanut butter (optional)
  6. Grinder
  7. Refrigerator
  8. Mixing bowl


Before we start, peel and dice 4 ripe bananas and place them in a container and into the freezer. Freeze for minimum 2 hours or you can even leave it in overnight.

Tip: Peel them before hand or else it becomes very difficult as we need the bananas to stay frozen.

Method of preparation

Grind the frozen bananas into a smooth paste.

Add the sweetener of your choice (you can skip this step if you think the bananas are too sweet). Now add the vanilla essence and 0.5 cup of cold milk of your choice before grinding again.

Tip: If you are going for a chocolate flavored ice cream, you can now add the 0.5 cup of cocoa powder or Nutella and a bit more milk as per consistency and grind again. Alternatively you can also add peanut butter. Customize it!

The final mixture is a frozen paste-like, thick consistency. Transfer it into another tray or container and put it in the freezer for 1 hour or overnight (if you are patient enough).

Your ice cream is now ready to be scooped out and devoured heartily without any guilt or judgement!

Written by Adithya Nair

Adithya is an Electronics engineering graduate who embarked on her artistic journey in her final year of college. From co-founding a handmade gifts company to being placed on the leader board of Zomato, she explores every facet of her life eagerly. She shares her paintings, poetry and blogs on her social media and is an artist in the making. Follow her on Instagram @artbyadithyanair.


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