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Ramadan, the holiest month of the year for Muslims, is also otherwise known as the time when people find discounts in shops and establishments. Many get excited about the sales among car dealers, store sellers, hotel restaurants and restaurants offering iftars and suhours, fitness and wellness centers, and even Qatar Airways which
gives up to 35 percent deduction in their all-inclusive economy flights until tomorrow, (May 31st).

You can also expect the costs of 509 of food and non-food items in all grocery stores and supermarkets reduced as per Ministry of Economy and Commerce’s (MEC’s) instructions until the end of Ramadan which is June 14th. This affects poultry products, rice, milk, flour, sugar, and cooking oil.

According to the Peninsula, examples include Baladna cow milk which is now 6 riyals for 1 liter, Al Waha’s 1 kg of fresh chicken which costs QR 15.25, a kilo of Sadia frozen chicken (cheaper) at Q12.50, and 5 kg of Punjab Garden rice at QR 26.75 among others. The source added that the MEC is moved by its commitment to reach out to citizens who have to spend for the biggest part of the whole household budget during Ramadan, that is, on the food products.

Here at Allandabout, we’d like to help you get the most out of the discounts offered. So head over to our partners to make the best of the season:

Suhours and Ramadan Tent

The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa

Location: PO Box 39474, Salwa Road, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Zone 23, Doha


Opening Hours: from sunset to 2 am

Contact Number: +974 4492 1555

This Ramadan, step into an Arabian journey with a Turkish Twist. Discover a vibrant atmosphere with live Oriental tunes, entertainment and décor inspired by a traditional Arabesque street market. Begin your culinary experience with a wide array of International, Turkish and Qatari dishes along with an eclectic assortment of desserts all carefully crafted by a dedicated team of Turkish chefs.


Four Seasons Hotel

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Doha, The Corniche, P.O. Box 24665

Facebook Page:

Email Address:

Opening Hours: always open

Contact Number: +(974) 4494 8600

Indulge in a memorable Iftar or Sohour with sumptuous international cuisine, along with traditional Ramadan dishes at Four Seasons Ramadan Tent.


Fitness and Wellness


Location: Al Waab Street, 23833، Doha


Opening Hours: depends on the fitness programme you’re enrolled in, please visit the website

Contact Number: Ladies Club: 4413 6434, Dome- 4413 6472

With over 1,000 fitness classes, they offer the largest variety of fitness programmes for both ladies and men of all ages.


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text


Location: QQ, The Pearl-Doha


Opening Hours: 5:30 AM – 11:00 PM

Contact Number: 4036 0678

GYMMITO is a team of dynamic positive professionals wanting to make a difference. They are passionate about what they do and they are committed to dramatically improving health and fitness for the residents of Qatar, helping them become the very best they can be.

In search of a solution to the fast pace lifestyle people are living and their busy schedules, they created GYMMITO. A Fitness Club that will help people achieve their workout goals.



Location:  SPAR Hypermarket, Tawar Mall or SPAR Supermarket, B.Square Mall


Facebook page:

Opening Hours: Weekdays:7:30 am – 12:00 pm; Friday:7:30 am – 11:30 am; 12:30 pm – 12:00 midnight

Contact Number: 8007727

Whether it’s Garangao sweets, freshly baked Tunisian bread or new cooking ware to handle all the iftars and suhours this holy month, head to SPAR Hypermarket in Tawar Mall and enjoy the wide selection of value deals on various items!

Beauty and Health


Locations and Contact Numbers:

Al Waab: 44478682
Duhail: 44795085
C-Ring: 44148188


Facebook Page: VLCC Qatar

Make the most of their exciting “cash back” offers all of Ramadan!



A mobile app that let’s you save significantly in your purchases whether you’re interested in casual dining, cafes, fine dining, attractions & leisure, beauty & fitness, fashion & retail, and everyday services. Introducing the Entertainer:

Qatar 2018

For only QR 195,  members could have an average savings of QR 5,188 in 2017 as they bought from over 1,000 stores in Qatar. Buy it here: The Entertainer.

Allandabout hopes that we were able to narrow down your choices in having a Happy Ramadan!



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