15 Household Hacks for Spring Cleaning

Most people think and use these products for the common usage such as condiments, cooking ingredient, or for whatever purpose it was invented. But not many know that these can also be of greater use, with household cleaning. Here are 15 of the not-so-common materials for cleaning.


  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is good for cleaning many household items like the oven, blinds, tiles, sink, bathroom, and others. Even more so when vinegar is mixed with baking soda too.


  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda has a lot of purpose for household cleaning. It works for removing stains on the sofa, carpet, silverwares and many more. It can also be mixed with vinegar for other cleansing.


  1. Cornstarch

Cornstarch can be used to remove oil spills and smears. It also helps prevent athlete’s foot and absorbs moisture. It can be used to clean windows and helps remove dirt from dog’s fur.


  1. Calamansi

A natural stain remover on clothes, especially white colored ones. It can also remove dirt on silverwares.


  1. Lemonade

Lemonade refreshes and sanitizes wooden chopping boards, as well as helps clean stainless steels such as the sink and taps. It can also be used to clean the microwave mixed with water.


  1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste can be used when your sneakers and jewelries need shining and removal of dirt.


  1. Catsup

Catsup works well when you need to shine some brass, copper and other silverwares too.


  1. Banana Peel

Banana Peel helps remove dust from plant leaves, with a shiny result. It can also help lessen if not remove scratches from CDs, and shines shoes as well.


  1. Acetone

Acetone greatly removes stains on tables or refrigerator doors.


  1. Coal

Coal helps eliminate any lingering smell in your fridge, shelf or room.


  1. Sea salt

Sea salt cleans iron dishes, fabric stains, and helps keeps flowers fresh by adding a pinch of it to the water in the vase. Also helps fasten cooking of rice when salt is put on top of the rice cooker lid.


  1. Tartar sauce

Tartar sauce can be used to clean stainless steel appliances.


  1. Chalk

Chalk can be used for greasy stains on clothes before washing them.


  1. Cola

You can use cola to clean the toilet bowl, remove stains from clothing, remove baked-on grease from pots and pans, remove corrosion from car and battery terminals, restore shine to jewelry and coins, and remove any stubborn stains from tools.


  1. Tea

Freshly brewed tea can be used for cleaning wood furniture and floors. Sprinkling green tea on carpets can help clean dusty carpets. Tea bags are also useful for clearing stubborn stains in the bottom of your toilet bowl. You can shine your mirrors with tea and use it as deodorizer.


Written by: Yvonne Basera

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