Why I Choose Not To Travel Completely Without Money

It is possible to travel for free and I have met people who have done so for many years (see below). This post is about how you can travel the world with the smallest possible amount of money – or completely for free if you want to travel for free – and it teaches techniques and tips for how you can do this.

It doesn’t claim that you can travel the whole world for free, because unless you are breaking the law, you cannot. But you can travel completely for free in countries where you are permitted to enter for free (which is based upon your passport).

If you choose to break the law and enter without paying for visas, I won’t be angry, but I won’t be held responsible for it. Every country has visa restrictions and although many of them may be free, some of them charge you. I advocate the idea that when travelling the world, there are only two necessary large expenses. Visas and travel insurance. All other expenses need only be minimal or non-existent. I often travel the world on a tiny budget (a few euros a day, such as in the video), but these are the three reasons I choose not to travel completely for free:

This video shows my journey from Turkey to the UK, during which we ate pizza, drank beer, and saw some beautiful places. It’s a small budget that afforded us luxuries and you can find out more about this journey here.
  • Travel Insurance. If you get sick or injured and you are travelling without money, either you get no treatment or you get hit with a big bill which will be a serious problem as you don’t have any money. I broke my back a few years ago and having travel insurance ensured that I was treated and that my medical bills (of over 5,000 euro) were covered. I would have been pretty screwed without the travel insurance. Read more about travel insurance here.
  • Visas. Depending on your passport, you will be able to visit certain parts of the world for free, but others will require you to pay for a visa. As a British passport holder I am very lucky that I can enter hundreds of territories in the world for free, however, if there is a visa fee to pay I would always pay it and have never entered a country illegally. I would advise others to do the same.
  • Choice. Whilst the advice on this page shows how you can travel for free and get everything that you need without money, I like to not be completely dependent upon others. This doesn’t require a big budget and I have travelled across Europe on €2.36 a day, buying beer and pizza, but having the option to buy something when I want / need it is something I value. One time I was rafting down the Danube and my sleeping bag fell into the river and disappeared. I had two freezing nights sleeping on the river bank with nothing for warmth before I found a shop to buy a new sleeping bag and it would have been really hard for me to continue that journey if I couldn’t afford to buy a new sleeping bag. I also highly value the ability to see my family and having some money allows me to book flights so that I can do this. I would never want to not have that option.

That’s my little explanation of why I do what I do, but it is up to you to choose how you want to travel. This page will teach you how to get everything you need for free (except visas and travel insurance), and you can then choose if you want to take any extra money or not. There will always be purists who think that there way is better than your, or people who ‘travel cheaper, longer, harder’ (whatever that means), but I don’t care much for what they have to say. Find what works for you and do what is right for you.

Source: www.greatbigscaryworld.com

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