10 Secrets Every Parent Needs To Know About Saying No

Are you a parent? Then read on.     “How can I enforce my No if I don’t resort to threats?”   This is, of course, the million dollar question. All parents wish their children would just comply when we ask them to do something, and acquiesce easily when we [...]

June 24th, 2018|

Vintage Photos to Inspire You to Plan Your Own Family Picnic

Because food tastes better when you eat it outside. Perfect picnic Wendell Gladstone, foreground, and his 
family enjoy lunch in upstate New York in 1936. Among those with him is his wife, Ruth, holding 
baby Shirley on her lap. Shirley’s daughter, Wendy Eaton of Seattle, WA, sent in the picture. [...]

June 19th, 2018|

To Get Through to Your Teens, Text Them

Teenagers don’t enjoy talking to their parents. Actually, scratch that. Many don’t talk that much to their friends either, at least not with their voices. Teenagers like to text. Walk into any establishment where teens hang out and you will see them clumped together in small groups hovering over their [...]

June 17th, 2018|

For Work-Life Balance, Work Sunday Nights

When you go home Friday night, do you stress about work all weekend? Do you end up doing work to avoid being swamped Monday morning? Here’s a wild idea: Make a habit of working every Sunday night. Lexi Reese, COO at the online HR company Gusto, is a meticulous planner. “Without [...]

June 12th, 2018|

Sam Claflin’s Morning Routine Will Resonate With Any Parent

With several movies under his belt, actor Sam Claflin knows what it can take to get ready for a new role, but his training and prep for “Adrift” definitely stands out. Based on a true story, the film follows Sam Claflin’s Richard Sharp and Shailene Woodley’s Tami Oldham in the 1980s [...]

June 10th, 2018|

3 Ingredients of a Successful Romantic Relationship

Do you wonder what makes marriages crumble? Why do some stand the test of time and emerge victorious after several storms? Well, one of the reasons must be pride. Whenever one has forgotten his or her promise and betrayed a partner, the other or what is also known as the [...]

June 7th, 2018|