AllandAbout’s Third Dog Walk in Cooperation with QAWS had it’s third Community Dog Walk in cooperation with Qatar Animal Welfare Society at Mukaynis at the QAWS Shelter on 3rd March 2018, Saturday. The day was joined by several dog lovers who took turns to walk the dogs.

“It is wonderful to watch so many supporters walk the shelter dogs” said Julie, a staff at QAWS. “The compassion and support of the community helps us care for over 200 homeless animals every day.”


Visitors were very kind with the donations to the shelter, offering food, blankets and chew toys for the dogs.

They chose to spend their Saturday playing with and giving their attention to the furry animals.

Dog owners also displayed the depth of the relationships they have with their dogs by sharing it with the shelter ones.

People with no pets also spend their time at the shelter surrounded by the playful ones.



All money raised goes for the care of the dogs and other animals at the shelter. QAWS also has goodies such as t shirts, mugs, basket, etc. for sale to raise money for care.

The dogs are taken care of with great diet and health care provided by the staff.

Dogs playing with the staff during their walk.

Families with kids pay frequent visits to the shelter. Kids love to be around the animals and it gives them great joy.

Kids walking the dogs in the field.

A very happy child posing for the picture.

Students took their time out to walk the dogs as well.


There were many that volunteered their time to keep our event running smoothly.

It was an exciting day with happy people and healthy dogs.  AllandAbout is looking forward to organize more community events soon.

To donate or to visit the shelter, please visit


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