Bosch Home Appliances – Invented for Life

Bosch Home Appliances, represented by Fifty One East, Qatar’s favorite department store, pride themselves for the use of green technology and the efficient use of resources in Qatar under the motto ‘Invented for Life’.

Bosch Home Appliances are available in a dedicated store located at Salwa Road; in addition to FNAC stores in Doha Festival City and Lagoona Mall and major retailers in Qatar.

For over 130 years the Bosch brand has been the worldwide embodiment of quality, technical competence, reliability, and consumer proximity. Bosch’s home appliances have also committed to these values for the past 85 years. For Bosch, creating products that have been “Invented for life” means focusing on the needs and challenges of the modern individual.

The goal of all innovation is to make life noticeably easier, and to enable a healthy, balanced lifestyle. To this end, Bosch appliances have achieved not only good, but perfect results across all appliance categories. Be it preparation of healthy meals, optimal food storage, clean clothes or simply performing cleaning tasks, product performance far exceeds actual device function. This is achieved through trendsetting technology, smart ideas, and surprisingly simple solutions and intuitive control elements.

Bosch strives in every way towards sustainability and stability. Environmentally conscious, resource-friendly products and processes are accompanied with customer service that sets standards within its sector. In various ways the company fulfils founder Robert Bosch’s ideal of “better to lose money than trust”. This trust is what has made Bosch the leading household appliances manufacturer in Europe. The desire to justify and retain this position in the long term is the driving force behind further product development.

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