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When asked what the essence of a woman was about twenty years ago, Miss Universe candidates agreed that it was about loving and being a mother. In today’s generation, many women have become empowered and have the ability to make their own choices showcasing inner strength and solid character – being mothers themselves or being deeply fond of their own moms.

And because “supermoms” deserve nothing but the best, children think of many unique and special presents or experiences they want them to enjoy on this annual occasion. They spend much for such a short time to thank their parents forgetting that the best things in life are free. Or, at least, they don’t have to splurge. After all, moms always worry about the future, reminding you to just keep the allowance that you have for times of drought and difficulty. Being selfless all their lives, what do you think they must want “far above rubies?”

Sleep. Most young mothers or those who have toddlers have trouble getting a wink. They must be spending every waking hour changing diapers and singing to their babies to sleep and in between – delivering flawless outputs in the office, juggling housework, attending to husbands’ needs, and socializing with neighbors and friends. Their corporal pleasure must be just a sturdy bed, soft pillows, warm blanket, and aroma of jasmine or lavender in the room.

Me-Time or Just Peace and Quiet. Mothers love being with their children. They want to hear their latest escapades in school and either laugh or cry with them. They don’t mind the shouts and grunts while playing but sometimes, it happens that the noise is too much to bear that they desire for moments to be left on their own. Give them that time today. They can genuinely reflect on their own “motherhood” or just enjoy their favorite ice cream flavor, read a book they put down months ago, and do nothing else.

Hotel Stay by Herself. It is said that it is hard for a mother to be sick. Because even though she’s not in a good condition, her chores of taking care of her family never stop. If she discontinues, they will only pile up. But this Mother’s Day, let her celebrate by savoring the comforts and luxury of being in a place other than home – by herself. Arrange everything for her including the room service and swim in the pool with manicure or pedicure and salon treatment on the side.

Take the time with her, be fully present. It may be the case that your mother is a sanguine or one who loves to interact with people. She wants to know what is going on in your life and being busy, you cannot even take the time to be with her. Go on a date with your mom. Give her something precious to you – your time. And not just a long amount of time, but a quality one – be fully at present when she speaks with you. Pay attention. Listen to her updates and discuss yours. Now that you are an adult, your mom can be your bestfriend. She is the best best pal there is because she loved you even before you were born and when you were at your worst.

“Muter,” “Okaasan,” “Mà na,” “Máthair,” “Nanay,” and many more – mothers are called in different ways all over the world. But the nearest and probably most accurate equivalent of the word is love. Remember yours today! Happy Mother’s day!

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