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Everyone has a secret that others would want to know but they are not ready to divulge yet. But with Google and the news readily available, pertinent information is abound about the fountain of youth and having a long life. Here they are for your convenience and to remind you that
you, too, have the power to change your life for the better TODAY.

Let’s take a look at your way of living, values, relationships, and country’s health care system and find out how they contribute to your overall well-being:

Healthy Living – Using the word “diet” sounds temporary and unappealing so let’s change the term to “healthy living” which not only includes your nutrition but also lifestyle. Have you heard of the Japanese and Mediterranean food choices?

It seems Japanese are so advanced in everything – their witty mangas, amazing tech, and even the secrets to aging beautifully. The elderly now comprise a fourth of their population and they are not passive members of the society. Even their centenarians cook their own meals, still walk outdoors, and live by themselves. How do they manage to do so? Many of them are health conscious and want their bodies to be functional in a long while by (consistently) eating moderately with bigger portion of vegetables and fish than meat and saturated fat.

Pioppi, the healthiest village in Italy, agreed (but not about the fat because they love their everyday small intakes of extra olive oil) and strongly recommended less amount of sugar and carbohydrate. They would only have sugar once a week and pizza once in a month. On top of that, they are not sedentary, they sleep for seven hours and take a break from daily stress. People in southern Europe have naps and those in Japan, enjoy tea ceremony.

Healthy Relationships – The residents of the mentioned countries have strong support structure in that they build and maintain solid familial and community ties. They are part of or interact with social and religious groups that observe healthy habits and promote values of generosity and optimism in old age. As an example, many elderly Japanese now want to be volunteers for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020. They are determined in polishing their English skills and assume a role in extending omotenashi or hospitality to foreign visitors.

Healthy relationship with others, of course, start with yourself. How do you see yourself in your retirement? Do you imagine yourself as a jet-setter or as an indulgent grandparent? If you have positive image of your future self, you can have a concrete plan to realize that.

Healthy country – Rich countries have prepared well for the elderly. They also have low income gap so the system is inclusive. Singapore, Switzerland, and Japan have universal health care access to encompass almost everyone. In Japan, the elderly only need to pay 10 percent of the medical cost from their pockets and it’s a big deal because it is so expensive.*Cries in Russian.* But what about the developing nations? At this point, they are struggling and learning from the wealthier countries’ example. It seems money can buy everything – this time – your happiness when you’re old and gray. But don’t worry, you may not have the money now, but at least, you are educated on planning ahead, and your usage of that knowledge will balance the status quo.

It is said that a really smart person is one who takes pieces of advice to heart and doesn’t have to be told twice. Except for your country’s economic performance and farsightedness, you have control on your diet, values, and relationships. Now that you know the secrets to longevity, try them in your everyday life, certainly not all at once. Find the ones that apply to your way of living. Make them permanent. Share your success story because everyone everyone deserves to live a long and deeply satisfying life.


By Jin


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