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You followed his story for the past ten days in social media via VZW Rescue Salukis Middle East’s Facebook posts and Allandabout. You will be ecstatic to know that he can now spend quality time with his foster family. Here’s what happened:

May 5, 2018, Saturday – Birgit Marquerite, the founder of the non-profit organization saving and rehoming salukis from Qatar, posted on VZW’s  ‘s account, about Joshua which was hit by a car and left behind to die in pain. She also noted that Kimmy saved his life by picking him up and taking him to a vet. They were not sure yet if he’s going to make it so she asked for prayers.

At 11:16 am of the same day, Joshua was at Royal Vet Clinic and Kimmy and his other angels were anticipating his amputation. They were told that it was the only way to make him live because his leg was in such bad condition – it was broken into pieces.

At 5:59 pm, Birgit had a video chat with the veterinarian and learned that his surgery would be delayed to May 8th because of infection. He was left untreated for 4 days so he had an antibiotic drip to sustain him and to prevent the infection from spreading. His would was thoroughly cleaned. She also expressed her intent to open a  account to raise financial support for his surgery and recovery.

May 6, Sunday – In the morning of the next day, netizens were informed of Joshua’s leg being wrapped so he couldn’t chew it. He was patiently waiting for his amputation at the time. She also informed everyone to help increase the fund.

Friends from the United States responded to the plea and one of them, Heather Krueger promised to give 100 percent of her profit from selling beauty products to contribute to Joshua’s operation.

May 7, Monday – When Kimmy and Andrea paid a visit to Joshua in the morning, they gave him a cushion and some toys to chew. His surgery for the next day had to be delayed because his infection wasn’t really under control yet. But, they could see that he was in the best care.



For those of you who have been loyal readers of Allandabout, this was the same day when we started an awareness campaign about Joshua and the work of Rescue Salukis Middle East or RSME  as led by Birgit. Through Manu Breu, one of our beloved clients, the magazine started to describe the situations of salukis living in Qatar especially Joshua’s urgent condition. The same article was shared by Birgit on Facebook the following day.

May 9, Wednesday – Birgit announced that at 11 am, Joshua underwent surgery at Royal Vet Clinic. She once again asked for support from prayers.

At 4:15 pm of the same day, it was happily explained that his surgery was successful and that he was already awake and hungry. She was thankful to Kimmy who was always with Joshua at difficult moments. She also felt appreciative of Drs. Vera, Peter, and Leo’s expertise in performing the challenging operation.

It was shown in videos that Joshua was very hungry and eating directly from the hands of Kimmy when he woke up.

May 10, ThursdayJoshua showed amazing signs of recovery and stole many hearts at the clinic. Birgit hoped that by Saturday, three days later, they could get go signal from the vets and let him be in foster care.



May 12, Saturday – Joshua, the brave dog, was finally permitted to leave the hospital and stay with his foster home, Melissa and her family, to recover and walk or in his case, run freely once again.

May 13, SundayIn a video, the hero of this story, was seen actively coping on his three legs. He was with Melissa and foster brother, Bruno, a smaller canine. They were all excited to be with him, as he is with them.


Stories like Joshua’s make people believe in the good hearts that can still be found in today’s hardened society. It makes us think of a future where two-legged beings and four legged ones can coexist peacefully.

Joshua can now walk again. The quick and efficient work of a non-profit institution called RSME and its volunteers made that happen. Without the help of many people who paused from their busy life and cared enough to donate, it would have never been possible.  for Joshua is still up and accepting any amount of charity for his recovery and future needs in his transfer to a permanent home. Let’s make that happen, too.

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