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Yesterday morning Kimmy, his savior, and Andrea paid Joshua a visit. He was spoiled by getting a cushion and some toys to chew on. Due to the severe infection which isn’t quite under control yet, his surgery which was originally scheduled for today has been postponed to May 11th or as soon as the funds are also ready.

Joshua has to regain his strength to prepare him for the complicated surgery where lots of vains, vessels, and muscles need to be cut in order to amputate. According to Birgit (founder of the charity which currently has him), the good news is he is in the best care and not in pain!


Joshua the Noble

Joshua is a Saluki, one of the oldest breeds of hunting dogs with superb eyesight and are known for their speed, strength, and endurance. Arab kings and Alexander the Great favored his ancestors.

Though generally quiet, reserved, and sensitive, Salukis are seen as affectionate around family members. They are very clean like cats and love to be on soft and comfortable sofa or bedding. It is recommended that they socialize early and be with loved ones most of the day as they become unhappy when left for long periods by themselves. They are best to be around children who are 8 years old and above because their thin skin might be prone to injury if with younger ones.

They are free-spirited and excellent jogging companions. They have boundless energy which requires them to have daily physical exercises. As a tip, food rewards and praises would make you the best buddies. You can train them with short, fun, and interesting tricks. Also, make sure that there are no small pets or birds inside the house as Salukis would easily notice movements and chase after them. It is suggested that they have 300 to 400 lateral feet of fenced area for them to run freely about.

If you would love to have Joshua as a new family member, please coordinate with Rescue Me Salukis Middle East on how to provide a home for him after his surgery. There are others like Joshua who require permanent residence so you may visit their social media sites as listed below for more information.


Rescue Me Salukis Middle East and how you can support

With the mission to help those who can’t speak for themselves, the Rescue Salukis Middle East (RSME) has been around for 10 years. It is an official registered non-profit organization (VZW) assisting Salukis from Qatar find loving and caring forever homes. It was founded by Birgit Marquerite who lived in the area for 17 years.

Salukis are notorious for living on the streets and can be prone to being hit and injured by motorists. Because of this fact, the organization has focused on them but has also comforted other dogs since it’s essential for them to be loved and respected, too.

Please visit gofundme to cooperate with the much-needed fund for Joshua’s operation. No matter how small or modest your contribution, they would appreciate all the help he can get. Remember: “a single grain of rice can tip the scale.”

You may also check their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds for more details. Please click the highlighted words to automatically direct you to the links.


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