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Hi! My name is Joshua. I was crossing the street very confidently when I was hit by a car and left to die on the road. I was not picked up for three days…  I was so scared humans would hurt me again. Fortunately, people with golden hearts found me and called Kimmy, who is the kindest person ever, and she took me to the Royal Vet Clinic. She saved my life!

But sadly, my back leg is severely broken and there is no other choice but to have it amputated. I’m still waiting for the day to undergo the surgery safely and if all goes well as planned, it will be scheduled this Friday, 11th of May.

The doctor says I may need to be hospitalized for ten days more after the operation and hopefully find a foster home during that time where I can be with a family who will love and take care of me as I recover.

I am only 5 months old and if I can speak for myself, I still would like to play with young children and enjoy the winds in the park as I run (or similar to that).

If you believe that this is still possible, you can go to gofundme and help me in your own little way. My saviors worry about the huge veterinary bill afterwards but I’m not because as soon as today, I am thanking you for your generosity. I will be updating you soon about my recovery and new family.


– Joshua was rescued and is currently with Birgit Marquerite, the founder of Rescue Salukis Middle East. It is a registered charity in Belgium. She used to live here for almost 17 years and devoted the last ten years to rescuing animals and finding homes for them all over the world.

They usually rehome Salukis like Joshua as they are being continually abused and abandoned, but they also help other breeds for they agree that every animal deserves to be helped, loved, and treated with respect.

Social media has helped them a lot in finding homes for those in their care. They work together with rescue organizations in the US and Canada. In Qatar, they untiringly work side by side with foster homes as they do not have a shelter. The dogs stay with the foster families for a short time or longer if they need to be vaccinated before being transported to Europe for their permanent homes. 

They have a Facebook page called “vzw Rescue Salukis Middle East.” Vzw is the Belgian word for “charity.” You may also visit their Twitter and Instagram accounts.



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