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In your past-faced life, you’d wish everything can levitate or in this case, can be made with a swish and flick of a magic wand – instant food, cash or love life! But food, above all, should always be prepared with great care and planning for you are the only one who’ll reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of your impulsive taste bud choices.

Planning your meals may be the only difficult part in this attempt to have quick but healthy ones. Cooking these ingredients by sauteing, steaming, boiling, grilling, and baking them together can be as easy as incorporating a new and improved habit. What you need to do is just make sure you have the food ready and available in your refrigerator or storage bin.

Harvard School of Public Health recommends five ingredients that will compose a healthy kitchen:

Locally produced vegetables and fruits – Granted that these may be more expensive than ordinary ones, you would really need to invest in your health just like you do with gadgets and trips! It is costly to be sick – let that sink in!

Head to your local grocer and purchase a variety of or colorful veggies and fruits because they don’t only add color but also length to life.

Grains – Select those that are easy to prepare, delicious, and make you fit. Examples are quinoa, bulgur, oat berries, barley, and brown rice. Explore this section of the grocery or supermarket to give you an idea of what to try next.

Protein – Harvard suggests keeping a stock of fresh fish, eggs, chicken or turkey, tofu, beans and nuts, and other healthy protein sources. Health buffs claim that a medium boiled egg early in the morning is enough to sustain you for most of the day.

Fats and oils – For your salad, using oils as dressings are better than those with high calorie. Include canola sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut, and olive oil among your top picks.

Other essentials – You may include healthy condiments for a flavorful meal. It can be anything healthy from kimchi to salsa and pesto. Small amounts can give a high impact on the overall taste.

It is said that having limited options make people happier than being given the opposite. It seems that it is also true in picking the right food for your body. You just need very few choices and make the least of effort that can bring about tremendous positive impact in your life. These five ingredients ready for your usage are enough to make you healthy and happy.

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