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Nowadays, going to the cinema is a kind of luxury you want to experience once in a while because films can now be seen through Netflix and similar apps for an affordable monthly cost. Because you don’t often go there, you’d expect to just sit and enjoy the entire movie. But there can be times when people don’t get what they wished for and start complaining. If you want to avoid such situations, try to think about your own cinema manners and what you can improve on:

Be early. If you have already bought your ticket online or from the cashier, make sure that you have at least twenty to thirty minutes to spare before the movie begins. That will give you enough time to watch the trailers of the next flicks to be shown and find a seat or reserve more for friends who agreed to arrive promptly.

If your pals or family members don’t show up on time, give up the seats for those who are already inside the theater. They deserve them because they aren’t late.

Be polite. You should put your phone on quiet mode or let it vibrate in case you need to answer an important call. Just make sure to receive it in the halls or places that won’t disrupt the people watching the movie. Also, don’t use the very bright light from your phones in guiding your path as it will hurt the eyes of other movie-goers who have already adjusted to the dim light inside. Checking your mobile while the film is ongoing also makes others uncomfortable because the light that comes out distracts them.

This advice also goes in hand with arriving early. You should use the restroom before the motion picture starts. It will not only annoy your seatmates. You would also find it awkward having to excuse yourself on your way to the nearest wash area and back to your seat.

Be considerate. All babies are cute and adorable but not so much in the theater. They can have different reactions as they watch in a dark place. They might shout or cry loudly and this makes the situation difficult for everyone (you, your baby, and other spectators). You and your toddler may be asked to leave by others and you don’t want that to happen.

Additionally, avoid going to the theater if you cough or make repetitive noises because of your health condition (although you are not that sick). It is said that there are three things you cannot hide: love, poverty, and you’re right – *coughs* and you are not being considerate to the people sitting near you.

As you choose the perfect seat, take note of your hair thickness, cap or height. You can tie your hair, remove the next one but not the third so find a seat behind if you are tall. It is courtesy to the people who are not gifted as you are.

And, even if you find placing your feet behind the seat in front of you or in between seats comforting, it is inappropriate. It is unhygienic as well. Also, read the body language of the person sitting behind you. Share the armrest peacefully.

When the movie ends, remember these two rules: clean up as you go and do not give spoilers no matter how excited you are for others to know them. Picking up your trash takes less than two minutes and by all means, let others enjoy the film as much as you did.

These make up a code of conduct that results to a better behaved and happier movie-goer – you. And remember, people don’t learn by being taught, they have to be shown so always lead by example to achieve a perfect cinema experience.

By Jin


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