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As the “millennial” generation, we spend most of our free time binge watching shows, either alone or with a selective group of people. If you have an internet connection (which if you don’t then you are a liar), some time to spare and no motivation to be active in your life, then you are guilty of indulging in a good TV series (that none of us ever watch on a TV).

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We feel you. We do. So we have shortlisted 10 of our must-watch series. Many of this you may have already watched and if you have been skeptical about starting a new series and if you see it on our list, then this is the time to start watching it. It’s a sign!


OK, honestly, we cannot come up with a list of best series to watch and not include FRIENDS in it! Although most you may have watched it already, many times in fact, it is on the list for good will. Now to those of you living under a rock, two words – Watch it! FRIENDS first aired on TV in 1994 and ended in 2004 with its 10th and last season. Now in 2018, this series is more alive than ever. Indeed an evergreen show. To the loyal fans out there, who is your favorite FRIENDS character?

Game of Thrones

The season finale of this popular series will be released only in 2019 which leaves plenty of time for you to catch up! GoT has been on everybody’s social media, especially on Mondays because the internet is full of spoilers. If all that buzz wasn’t enough to convince you to get on the wagon, then you must watch it at least for great cinematography/graphics! The Dragons are an attraction. Also Jon Snow and Khaleesi and Tyrion! Some of us can’t wait for 2018 to end already!

Orange is the new Black

OINTB is easily one of the most interesting series for the fact that you can never decide if you love or hate a character because the next season will change your mind, whatever it was before. Apart from the quirky angle at which life in prison, a female prison to be exact, is depicted, the story slowly grows on you. As the saying goes, Bad people are good people who made the wrong choices, every season walks you through the life of one or the other interesting “prisoner”. Surely a good choice, if you have been looking to commit to a new series.


It’s like the classic Archie comics plot but with a darker twist to it. Riverdale is a crime thriller series based on a bunch of teenagers and a shady town full of secrets. The series has since grown popular and you understand why once you watch it.

13 Reasons Why

With the second season set to release this year, 13 Reasons Why garnered a lot of attention and controversy when it first released. The show unfolds as a series of tapes left behind by a girl who committed suicide but wanted the world to know why she did it. With mixed views on the same, the producers of the show claim that it creates awareness around suicide and its prevention and urges viewers to be kind as you never know how your words or actions may affect someone else’s life. Trigger Warning.

Grey’s Anatomy

This medical drama series focuses on the life and careers of several doctors at a hospital, among which some of them started their careers at the same hospital as interns (season 1). The series is named after the protagonist Meredith Grey who happens to be the daughter of a famous surgeon. It sure is interesting to get a sneak peak into the very busy lives of medical professionals, though we are sure that in reality things are not as dramatic!

Black Mirror

If you enjoy stand alone dramas, then this one’s for you. But we must warn you, it’s dark, very dark. Every season dishes out suspenseful and satirical stories that project techno-paranoia. Really, it’s like all you worst nightmares just came true.

Stranger Things

If you are into Sci-Fi movies, then you will enjoy Stranger things. The story revolves around a bunch of kids in the 80s who go looking for a lost friend but end up in the company of a “special friend” who calls herself Eleven and loves Eggo waffles. Do yourself a favour and start watching this right now!


Exploring the double life of a blood-spatter expert and part time murderer, this intense series revolves around Dexter, the murderer we just mentioned above. Interestingly so, you do not hate him for his actions and may grow fonder of him as he only kills the guilty. So how does he manage it all with a cop sister and co-workers, well, you have to watch it. Warning : a lot of blood is shown(obviously).

Lie To Me

Yet another crime based series, but surprisingly, very different from the others. Lie to me follows the world’s leading deception researcher, Dr Cal Lightman who uses his knowledge of facial expressions and body language to catch the bad guys! Things take a turn when the master of detecting deception starts deceiving others!

All this discussion on TV series makes us want to start a new one. Tell us in the comments, how many of them have you already watched?

Written by Adithya Nair

Adithya is an Electronics engineering graduate who embarked on her artistic journey in her final year of college. From co-founding a handmade gifts company to being placed on the leader board of Zomato, she explores every facet of her life eagerly. She shares her paintings, poetry and blogs on her social media and is an artist in the making. Follow her on Instagram @artbyadithyanair.

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