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How To Style Different Outfits

Do you get confused about what to wear very often? We are always complaining about not having enough cloths for a different outfit every day. It gets repetitive and boring since we don’t often mix and match the things we already possess. So we are going to tell you how just three piece of very common clothing – white T-shirt, a leather jacket and a maxi dress, can be used to transform into various outfits.

A white tee is that basic piece that every woman owns, but could you wear one every day? Sure, it could get repetitive whipping out the same staple day after day, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little inspiration, you might actually find that you’ve totally been underestimating your “Lil White Tee”.

Work-Appropriate With Sleek Suiting

Being casual with some flared or jogger pants which are in trend this year

White T’s under overalls is classy and always in fashion. You can go for a bit of bling- bling heels considering the trend.

Who doesn’t love wearing a skirt? Pair it with your white Tee for a cute feminine look.

It will go perfect with a long over coat/ kimono and some sneaker or boots.

With a cute slip dress.

A leather jacket, be it black, brown or any other shade is a must have. It not only goes with almost everything but adds that instant chic and edgy look. Trends may come and go but a black leather jacket never fades out. Keep reading for different ideas on how to style your favorite leather jacket into cool outfits.

Any white dress can be paired with a black or brown leather jacket. The contrast does all the magic.

All black is everything! A total black look is the perfect choice for all the ladies who want to look sophisticated and dark.

Tom boy much? Pair some biker leather jacket with some blue jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers.

Sporting a classic leather jacket with a midi skirt for an elegant look shirt tucked in dark green midi skirt.

Try different colors and make your own trend. Nothing is wrong or right in fashion; it should just please the eye.

Most people feel a maxi dress is not very easy to look great in, so it’s mostly worn at home or may be beaches. You can look stylish and fashionable in a maxi dress by just following these simple ways.

A lose comfy maxi dress with an outer shrug/ jacket.

Denim jacket with a maxi dress, this trend has been going on for ages. It never gets old and it never loses its charm.

Casual maxi dresses with slits go perfectly with a pair of boots; you don’t really need winter to try on this look which means its great news for all the boot lovers!

Adding a bit of glam to your maxi dress with a belt and accessories. Go for an elegant look with pumps, wedges or some embellished flats.

Written by Juweria Ismail
She is a fashion stylist and make-up artist based in Qatar. She loves writing for AllandAbout and spreads love through fashion!

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