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Create The Classic Party Look by Sephora

A woman can care about her looks and not care about her looks, it’s her choice. Women are flawless, powerful and ferocious all in different kind. But when it comes to make-up, they know damn well where to look.

Sephora was the first perfume/cosmetics store in the world to have their products in store, available for all customers to test and try on their own, a principle that has since been imitated by pretty much everyone.

It is popular because there is such a vast variety of brands ranging from skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair products. More than you are likely to find in a typical department store.

Here’s how you can create the perfect and hottest party look with the least amount of effort. Put that red lipstick on and you are good to go, girl!

The products used don’t necessarily need to be the ones from the video. You can use your best palettes and still create the same look. Watch out for more guides your way!

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