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Coffee Tea and Chocolate Festival Gave Start-ups a Business Opportunity

Qatar’s Coffee Tea and chocolate festival had brought an exuberant environment in this season at the heart of Doha. Located at City’s famous Hotel Park (Corniche), the event had occupied the park’s tranquil ambiance into festive yet aromatic experience.

The event was jam-packed by array of unique shops and exciting competitions, and had given an opportunity for fresh and start-up business men to show up their own concept of teas and coffees and sweet packages.

Filled with 40 exhibitors, the stalls that were owned and managed by women had caught my attention. Aged from 19 and into their 30’s these women initiate a business as they believed that they could be independent on their own. These women fiercely challenge themselves to grow a business in the midst of the country’s economic crunch.

We must admit, that even in this millennial generation women are still classified to do home based job or become home makers especially in Islamic countries. Hence Qatar’s cultural and ethical aspects preserved, the country had been sweeping over some of the old beliefs and embraced the most innovative and challenging era. Despite of the crises the country is facing, it never stopped them to take jump in the business industry.

Several shops namely Mastiha’s Coffe, Shay’s coffee, B Coffe, Tamr Coffe and so on were owned and managed by women. Menus were brewed by their own taste and mixed up with the country’s traditional recipes for coffees had made it more interesting to try.

The stylish venture had attracted many locals and expats to try something new and different from their usual coffee. Moreover, the stalls and store concepts, packaging and coffee blends were designed and planned to be likely “instagrammable” that would suit for every visitors’ taste and grab everyone’s attention. The festival run during the drop of winter season and it was said to take a second turn by November this year.


Written by Jessa Sanchez


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