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The first month of 2018 has come to an end and we are already seeing memes all over the internet on how hard this year has become for many of us. Some days are so difficult that even the simplest of tasks seem impossible. So we have compiled a list of #lifehacks for you to keep in mind and try out the next time life gives you a difficult one.

  1. Let’s start this the right way with a hack for all Pizza lovers, especially the “left over pizza” lovers. There is something about left over pizza that makes it more delicious than the fresh ones and that fine line could be in how you heat your pizza the next day. Pop the pizza in the oven and keep a glass filled half way with water in the plate as well. This will help prevent the crust from becoming all chewy and unappetizing.


  1. This hack has made its round on the internet and yet there are many who still haven’t heard of it. Insert a straw through a strawberry to remove its stem without much wastage. Simple.


  1. There should only be one way to dunk an Oreo cookie in milk and that is using a fork! Poke the fork into the cream centre, just deep enough to hold the cookie and voila! Yes, try it and you will always reach for a fork next time you eat oreos.


  1. If you like to drink out of a can but prefer using a straw, this one is for you. Put the straw through the hole in the tab and it will hold your straw in it without rising out.


  1. Everybody loves pancakes. And some of us like making our own. If you always make a mess while transferring the batter from the bowl into the pan, here is a fool proof trick for you. Pour the batter into a squeeze bottle like a clean ketchup bottle and then just squeeze it into the pan. You can even refrigerate the batter in the same bottle for later use.


  1. This hack is for the summer and that is eating popsicles. No, we mean the right way to eat them. Use a cupcake cover and stick it through the bottom so that the drips from the popsicle gets collected in the cupcake pan and doesn’t cause a mess. Genius!


  1. Chew gum while cutting onions to avoid tearing up. We know you may have read about this a 100 times on the internet but how many of you have actually tried it? It works and if you want to know the science behind it, look it up. It works anyway.


  1. All the above hacks were about food and a common discomfort that many face while trying to sleep after having a meal is acidity or heart burn. All of it can be solved if you sleep on your left side. It is the most natural sleep position that ensures all of your stomach acids stay inside your stomach and keeps your digestion active.


  1. For the love of cars, we like to make sure that our cars always look as good as new. A quick tip to make your hazy head lights all clear and new is to rub tooth paste on it generously, covering it fully, leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. You might have to repeat this a couple of times for best results but you will surely notice a difference.


  1. One of the most annoying part about traveling is finding your luggage on the delivery point. A great hack is to tie a bright cloth or tape around the handle of your bag and you can spot your luggage on the conveyer belt even before it reaches you. Happy reunion!


  1. The second most annoying part of traveling is dirty laundry. Next time you bring back a bag of dirty laundry, toss in a bar of scented soap in it. This will make it a lot easier for you to withstand the laundry day when you return.


  1. If you love reading and especially reading on the go, this one is a money saver for you. Book marks can be costly sometimes and if you tend to lose them often, it can start to become a pain. So next time you know you are stepping outside your house with a book, use this alternative. Save the cardboard tags that come along with new denim jeans and other clothing items and use them as a book mark. My sister takes things up a notch and even paints her favorite quotes onto these. Honestly, it’s better than any store bought book marks.


  1. When we buy new eye glasses, they can sometimes be too tight on the sides. An effective way to fix this is by placing the eye glass frame into a bowl of lukewarm water for 20 minutes. Later take these out and push the stems to loosen them. Now you can use the same glasses but with more comfort!


  1. We all have that favorite pair of denim jeans that we use and over use. Most of the times, it is the zipper that starts giving up first. Use a graphite pencil and rub it on the zipper teeth. The graphite will lubricate the zipper to glide through without getting stuck.


  1. Ironing clothes is a hassle. And usually we notice the most obvious wrinkles only after wearing the ironed cloth. Reach out for a hair straightener,plug it in and use this to iron. This will help you to quickly straighten out your collars and cuffs and other small areas that need some last minute help.

  1. Loosing tiny items around the house can be a horror. Especially if it is something pricey like jewellery. The next time you drop something, grab a pair of stockings and put it onto a vacuum cleaner, use this arrangement to vacuum the area and you will most likely find many of your lost items stuck in the stocking.


  1. Post-it notes are fun to use. They serve a very important purpose of reminding us important events. But when that event passes and it’s time to dispose the post it, hold on, we have a use for it. Use the sticky part and run it through your keyboard, it will instantly collect any debris or dust that may be in there.


  1. Scotch tapes are so necessary yet finding the end of it can be a nuisance. Next time you are done using the tape, do your future self a favor and fold in the end of tape. You can also stick a paper clip in the end. This will help you find it immediately the next time.


  1. One way to keep your passwords secure and prevent anyone from guessing them is to include accented letters in your password. Just make sure that you yourself don’t forget which letter you used.


  1. Everyone must have a Whatsapp (or any other messaging app )group that has no other member but themselves. Use this group to save important details as text and pictures. You can easily look up these information later when you need them as well.


We hope you found these hacks interesting. Let us know if you used them and how that worked out for you!

Written by Adithya Nair

Adithya is an Electronics engineering graduate who embarked on her artistic journey in her final year of college. From co-founding a handmade gifts company to being placed on the leader board of Zomato, she explores every facet of her life eagerly. She shares her paintings, poetry and blogs on her social media and is an artist in the making. Follow her on Instagram @artbyadithyanair.


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