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What’s Trending on The Streets of Fashion

Heading into 2018, its time to shed your old skin and go hand in hand with these latest trends in fashion. As the fashion month is just around the corner, it has brought all the looks you should look into this year and revamp that wardrobe. We did some digging and here’s our take on what’s trending this year:


All that glitters is glamour


From beauty products to glittery pumps, we have seen it all. The rule breaking use of glitters, sequins, shimmer is in trend for a few seasons now; 2018 won’t be any different. The shimmering shoes will add just the right amount of sparkle to any look. The sparkling sequins are set to be a big hit during the summer and they will also be seen on sweatshirts. So go out there and shine.


Sheer Madness

2017 was all about fishnets, but this year we are about to witness see-through clothing a lot in fashion. Use of see-through fabric in dresses, Tees, trousers and socks is coming our way. Yes sheer socks! That is meant to be seen with pumps, sneakers or ballet-flats. This might be the most impractical trend but what looks good doesn’t always have to make sense. See-through outfits are always too magical and cute to say no to.




We are going to see a lot of 90’s trends being used this year. Those iconic branded hoodies and T-shirts you grew up wearing are one of them. Brand iconography is going to be HUGE this year, and the bolder you go, the better!


Just Fringe and feather!


Fringe looks from dresses to coats and even accessories embellished with this finish is going to take over the market. This glamorous and dramatic look is already popping as the hottest trend this year and you cannot be trendy without them. Many might not be a fan of this look but Ladies; Life is boring without a hint of drama.


Lavender Loving

Every time the Spring/Summer shows come around, a new pastel palette takes over and this year is the year of soft shades of lavender, ultra violet and lilac. Lavender is taking over from “millennial pink” as the next must-have color. Expect to see lots of this color next year, from clothes, shoes and accessories, to paint and home decor. Don’t believe us? Just check out the lavender selections being offered already.


Get your Denim on


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake called and they want their double denim back!!

Are we ever getting rid of the denim trend? We are guessing never. This season denim is all you need. Literally! Head to toe denim look with 100 percent cotton, different shades of blue (the darker ones), sophisticated don’t you think? Think relaxed Levi’s with a slightly high waist.


Oversized jewelry

Statement jewelry is going to be our favorite trend this year. An over-sized earring, layered necklaces, huge pendants, 80’s much? Whatever you do, skip the more delicate pieces in favor of bolder options.


Plastic is pretty

Plastics were all over the 2018 runways in the form of slick patent leather and transparent Lucite. Expect to see everything from boots to coats made from the shiny material. This is a futuristic fashion trend that’s taking over from vinyl, which was all the rage last season. Trench coats, knee-high boots and handbags all made an appearance in shiny see-through plastic – waterproof and easy to clean!


Side Slits

Sexy side slits are the look we can’t get enough of, but this year people are also into tunics and midi dresses with slits, as well as slits in wide-leg trousers and jeans, to skirts and thigh-high dress slits, you can expect to see a little more skin in 2018.


Hopefully, this year won’t be as dramatic as 2017. You know what I mean?

Written By Juweria Ismail

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