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‘Speed Up Your Fitness Goals’

2017 saw My30Minutes celebrate 3 years in Qatar, providing our unique brand of EMS training to an ever growing client base. As well as out Home-service and partnership with 2 leading hotels in the Westbay area, we also opened up a new studio in Abu Hamour and have 2 new projects under-way moving into 2018.

What is EMS Training?

Whilst relatively new in the fitness industry as a training method, EMS training (or versions on EMS training) has been around for decades and is basically a way of training that uses electrical impulses to push the muscles harder and faster than can be achieved through conventional training.

The training itself is very fast and very intense and can be undertaken by anyone, whether a seasoned athlete, newbie to exercise, old or young, people recovering from injuries or you simply want to try something new.

Here are our 3 main reasons why we feel you should give us a call and book your free trial session.

  1. The sessions last only 20 minutes, twice a week! That’s less than 1 hour out of your week.
  2. You can train at the gym or have the trainer come to your home/office for convenience.
  3. It is a full-body workout, so no need to worry about which body part you want to train today.

Get in contact now for a FREE trial session.

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